Frank Lloyd Wright FAQ
(Frequently Asked Questions)

This page contains the most frequently-asked questions about Frank Lloyd Wright that I have received by e-mail. Only a few questions are here so far, but more will be added as more questions come in.
Visit the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy FAQ for discussion of the following issues:
  • Finding out more about Frank Lloyd Wright apprentices
  • Copyrights to Frank Lloyd Wright's books
  • Building a house based or inspired by a Wright design
  • Where to find Wright-designed furniture
  • How to learn more about Wright
  • Finding out more about Fallingwater
  • the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture
  • Finding out if a house is really a Wright house
  • Appraising Wright furniture and drawings
  • Finding plans of Wright drawings


    Q: I want to visit Fallingwater. How do I find out how to get there, how much it costs, and when it is open?

    A: Visit the Fallingwater Page, which contains some of this information, along with a contact phone number. The contact phone number the most important piece of information, and you really should call it to make sure that Fallingwater is open and available for the dates and times that you plan to visit.

    Q: I know of a Frank Lloyd Wright house that is not listed in your building guide pages. Why isn't it listed?

    A: While there have been rare recent discoveries of Wright houses that went unknown and undiscovered until recently, investigation of the vast majority of such claims has usually revealed that the house or building in question was actually designed by one of Wright's students, another Prairie School architect, or a Wright immitator. Please see Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy FAQ for information on investigating houses. It is also worth keeping an eye on William Allin Storrer's FLlW Update which discusses the status of the most recent Wright discoveries.

    Q: How can I find out about Frank Lloyd Wright buildings that are open to the public?

    A: While the "All-Wright Site" contains some of this information, the best and most up to date source of such information on the Web is the Frank Lloyd Wright Tourist Guide [cypgrp].

    Q: Is there a school of architecture that teaches Frank Lloyd Wright?

    A: There is a Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, founded by the architect himself, at Taliesin. Please click here to go to their site.

    Q: Are there any Frank Lloyd Wright buildings in my country?

    A: If you live in the U.S., Canada, or Japan, the answer is yes. There is also a room from an American design located in a British museum. While Wright spent much time in Germany and Italy, there are none of his buildings there. It is possible that there was a building site in Egypt. He designed buildings for other countries including India and Iraq, but none of these were built.. Click here to return to the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Guide main page, or click here to return to the All-Wright Site main page.

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