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Several buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright were built in Arizona, which was his winter home for much of the last part of his life (and also the winter home of his architecture school, Taliesin). In keeping with organic architecture, much of Wright's Arizona work used native materials or approximated the desert landscape. You can access images and information for 14 of Frank Lloyd Wright's Arizona designs on this web page including one demolished home and one design which was never built. All of the Wright buildings are located in the center part of the state, none of them very far from the Phoenix area. There are also books available, listed toward the end of the page. (These links were last updated during the fall of 2000. Please send e-mail if you know of outdated or dead links or additions that should be here).

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Individual Building Listings:

Arizona Biltmore and Cottages(S.221, S.222) Phoenix, Arizona, 1927
A collaborative effort of Frank Lloyd Wright and architect Albert McArthur (sometimes attributed to just one of the two). This hotel is the largest "textile block" design by Mr. Wright: the others are found mainly in California. Tour information can be found at the Frank Lloyd Wright Tourist Site - Arizona section

Ocatilla Desert Camp, (S.224), Chandler, Arizona, 1929. Demolished.
This collection of simple temporary structures was a sort of a prototype for Taliesin West.

Taliesin West (S.241), Scottsdale, Arizona, 1937+
Taliesin West is the winter home of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, and also home of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and Archives. The summer home is in Wisconsin. Tour information can be found at the Frank Lloyd Wright Tourist Site - Arizona section

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    Rose Pauson House (mosty demolished), (S.250) Phoenix, Arizona, 1939.
    5800 Orange Road
    Built in 1939, this home burned three years later. The striking ruins with their desert rubblestone construction remain, but the wood terraces and balconies are of course gone.

    David Wright House, (S.322),Phoenix, Arizona, 1950.
    . This home was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright Wright for his son. David Wright was involved with design and construction of concrete block, and the project ended up re-engineered to built in block. You can check out another house design by Mr. Wright for another one his sons at the Maryland page of this building guide.

    Raymond Carlson House (S.326), Phoenix, Arizona, 1950.
    The client for this house as the editor of Arizona Highways magazine. It is built in post and panel construction.

    Benjamin Adelman House (S.344), Phoenix, Arizona, 1951.
    This Usonian Automatic house contains a living room mural by Eugene Masselink of the Taliesin Fellowship. You can go to the listing for the Kalil house listing in this building guide's New Jersey page to see a photo of a similar Usonian Automatic home.

    Arthur Pieper House (S.349), Paradise Valley, Arizona, 1952.
    This home is considered to be the first constructed example of as Usonian automatic house. As was originally intended for Usonian houses, the client (a student at Taliesin West) built the house himself, including making the concrete blocks, with some help from another student. As with the Adelman house described above, you can go to thelisting for the Kalil house listing in this building guide's New Jersey page to see a photo of a similar Usonian Automatic home.

    Jorgine Boomer House (S.361), Phoenix, Arizona, 1953.
    This house is located in a subdivision with the Adelman house. The chimney from the ruins of the
    Pauson house has been relocated to the entrance of the subdivision. The house itself is a two-story "mountain cottage" constructed from the desert rubblestone that charactarized much of Mr. Wright's Arizona design starting with Taliesin West.

    Harold Price Sr House "Grandma House", (S.378) Paradise Valley, Arizona, 1954.
    This concrete-block house features an open-air atrium with the roof supported on pylons. The client also commissioned the Price Tower in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

    Grady Gammage Memorial Auditorium (S.432), Tempe, Arizona, 1959.
    This building is a performing arts center at Arizona State University at Tempe. It is a round structure like a single-layer cake.

    Lykes House (S.433), Phoenix, Arizona, 1959.
    This one is listed by William Allin Storrer as the last residential design by Wright to be built. It is constructed of "desert-rose" concrete block, and the design is in circles and circular segments.

    Arthur and Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer House, Scottsdale, Arizona, 1938-1974.
    This house began in a design for Ralph Jester that dated back to 1938. This design made use of plywood. Mr. Pfeiffer is the Taliesin archivist.

    First Christian Church, Phoenix, Arizona,started 1950, completed in 1973.
    This church does not yet have its own web site. The design is part of a college that was never built. To see a Wright college that was built, please go to the Florida page of this building guide. Please see the Frank Lloyd Wright Tourist Guide - Arizona section for information on seeing this site, which is open to the public.

    San Marcos in the Desert. Unbuilt, near Chandler, Arizona, drawings done in January 1929.
    This is one of Mr. Wright's elaborate projects that did not survive the financial misfortune of his clients in the Great Depression.

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