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In California, Frank Lloyd Wright pioneered his "textile block" concrete-block houses. This state is also the home of the Aline Barnsdall "Hollyhock" House and the Marin County Civic Center. The 23+ extant Frank Lloyd Wright buildings in California are listed in this page, along with couple of unbuilt designs.

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This web page is part of the All-Wright Site - Frank Lloyd Wright Building Guide, which contains geographically organized listings of Wright's works in many states. Please see this page for more information on how the Building Guide is organized. The "S." numbers that appear with the listings are from Wright scholar William Allin Storrer's system of indexing constructed Frank Lloyd Wright buildings in order of construction.

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  • The California Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright (paperback, published 1997)
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  • A Frank Lloyd Wright Companion - William Allin Storrer; Hardcover. The "Companion" is a hardcover with information on every one of Frank Lloyd Wright's constructed buildings, including photographs, exact locations, and floor plans. This includes of course all of his California buildings.
  • Lloyd Wright : The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright Jr. "Gorgeously illustrated with new color photographs, this book offers the first definitive look at the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, Jr., (1890-1978), known as Lloyd Wright, who had a long, successful but generally overlooked career in Southern California. 595 illustrations, 428 in color." (Synopsis from Amazon.com)

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  • Library of congress web site - FLW California entry Individual building listings:

    George Stewart House (S.160), Montecito, California, 1909.

    Aline Barnsdall "Hollyhock House" (S.208), Los Angeles, California, 1917.

    Millard House, "La Miniatura" (S.214), Pasadena, California
    First concrete textile-block construction house.

    Freeman House (S.216) Los Angeles (Hollywood Hills), California, 1923
    Textile-block construction

    Ennis-Brown House (S.217) Los Angeles, California, 1923
    Textile-block construction

    Mrs. Alice Millard House "La Miniatura" (S.214), Pasadena, California, 1923.

    John Storer House (S.215) Hollywood, California.

    Hanna House (S.235), Stanford, California
    This hexagonal Usonian belongs to Stanford University. It is now closed due to damage from a recent earthquake, but restoration is under way.

    Sidney Bazett House (S.259), Hillsborough, California, 1954.
    Basic information:

    George Sturges House (S.272), Brentwood Heights, California, 1939.
    Basic information:

    Arch Oboler Complex "Eaglefeather" (S.275, S.275A, S.275B, S.276), Malibu, California, 1955.

    Mrs. Clinton Walker House (S.306), Carmel, California, 1948.
    This house was used in the 1959 film A Summer Place
    Basic information:


    Maynard Buehler House (S.309), Orinda, California, 1948. Basic information:

    V.C.Morris Shop (S.310) San Francisco, California, 1948

    Wilbur Pearce House (S.320), Bradbury, California, 1950.
    Basic information:

    Robert Berger House (S.330), San Anselmo, California, 1950.
    Basic information:

    Arthur Mathews House (S.331), Atherton, California, 1950.
    Basic information:

    Anderton Court Shops (S.356), Beverly Hills, California, 1952). This urban shopping complex, distinguished by its spire, is frequently featured on the "Beverly Hills 90210" televison series. An image of it (the white alley) is found at the beginning of this page.

    Randall Fawcett House (S.385), Los Banos, California, 1955.
    Basic information:

    Kundert Medical Clinic (S.396), San Luis Obispo, California, 1955.

    Marin County Civic Center (S.416-417) San Raphael, California (north of San Francisco), 1957.
    Imagine Roman aqueducts connecting flying saucers...

    Robert Walton House (S.421), Modesto, California, 1957.
    This is a Usonian house built of concrete block.

    George Ablin House (S.428), Bakersfield, California, 1958.
    Basic information:

    Pilgrim Congregational Church (S.431), Redding, California, 1958.
    This church has some resemblance to
    Taliesin West with its "desert rubblestone" construction and roof supports.

    Lake Tahoe Summer Colony, (never built), proposed for Emerald Bay, California

    A. M. Johnson Desert Compound (unbuilt), proposed for Grapevine Canyon, California, designed in 1924.

    V.C. Morris House, "Seacliff" (unbuilt), San Francisco, California.

    Doheny Ranch (unbuilt), proposed for Beverly Hills, California, designed 1923

    "The Little Dipper" (unbuilt), proposed for Olive Hill in Los Angeles, California, designed in 1923.

    Huntington Hartford Play Resort and Sports Club (Never built), Los Angeles area, California

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