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There are three Canadian buildings by the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright listed in this page. One still stands, and the other two have been demolished.

E.H. Pitkin House (S.076), Sappar Island, Desbarats, Ontario, 1900.
This house is located in the islands northeast of Michigan, and is near the Heurtley cottage. Many nearby cottages have immitated the look of this cottage.

C. Thaxter Shaw House Remodeling (S.124), Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 1906. Demolished.
This was remodeling work done by Mr. Wright in row houses. They have since been remodeled by another.

Banff National Park Pavilion (S.170), Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada, 1911.
This building was a collaboration with architect Francis C. Sullivan. It was similar to the River Forest Tennis Club in Illinois. This building was one of Mr. Wright's government commissions. There were three other buildings built in the same year as the Pavilion, and none of these three survive as such: Lake Geneva Inn, the first Taliesin which was half destroyed by fire, and the Angster house in Lake Bluff, Illinois

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