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Summary: Listings and information about Frank Lloyd Wright's Florida buildings (mainly in Lakeland).
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There at least 9 Frank Lloyd Wright buildings in Florida (depending on how you count the Florida Southern College buildings), all of which are indexed in this page. Mr. Wright's work in Florida consists of several buildings designed for one college, and one house separate from this project. An excellent book that describes these (and other Wright buildings) in detail is the Frank Lloyd Wright Companion by William Allin Storrer. The image shown above and to the left is of the Anne Merner Pfieffer Chapel from the FLLW Page at Florida Southern College.
. If you click on the link for the Florida Southern College site, you will see information on most of the buildings indexed in this page. Lakeland, Florida, lies on the "Orlando Wall" tourist area, midway between Tampa and Orlando. This makes this major Wright site a tourist attraction easily accessible for tourists going to Walt Disney World, Busch Gardens, and the other attractions in this area of Florida.

This web page is part of the All-Wright Site - Frank Lloyd Wright Building Guide, which contains geographically organized listings of Wright's works in many states.
Individual building listings:

Florida Southern College, Lakeland, Florida, 1938-1958
This campus is the largest collection of FLW buildings at a single site. There are twelve buildings located here, many of them displayed at the FSC's Web site.

Annie Merner Pfeiffer Chapel, Lakeland, Florida, 1938
This building was used as a computer center in the episode "Playtime" in the 2nd season of the "Seaquest" TV show.

T.R. Roux Library (S.252), Lakeland, Florida, 1941

Seminar Buildings (S,253.1, S.253.2, S.253.3, S.253A), Lakeland, Florida, 1940
. There are three "seminar buildings" : Cora Carter, Charles W. Hawkins, and Isabel Walbridge. The Florida Southern College Site contains links for these, but they are under construction at this time.

Industrial Arts Building (Dedicated as Lucius Pond Ordway Building) (S.254), Lakeland, Florida, 1952

William H. Danforth Chapel (S.258), Lakeland, Florida, 1955

Polk County Science Building (S.256), Lakeland, Florida, 1958

Watson Administration Building (S.255B), Lakeland, Florida, 1945.

Benjamin J. Fine Administration Building (S.255C), Lakeland, Florida, 1946.

J. Edgar Wall Waterdome (S.255A), Lakeland, Florida, 1947,

Esplanades at Florida Southern College (S.257), Lakeland, Florida

George Lewis House, "Spring House", Tallahassee, Florida, 1952.
The only design by Mr. Wright in Florida outside of Florida Southern College lies far away in the state capital. This home is a two-story hemicycle. In the order of construction of Wright buildings, it was built after a similar hemicyle designed for the architect's son in Maryland.

William Koehne Cottage, Palm Beach, Florida, 1912. Demolished and not by Wright.
The client had Mr. Wright initially design this building, but it was a design by Walter Burley Griffin that ended up being built. During the efforts to save it, apparently there were erroneously claims that it actually was a Wright design.

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