This page last updated during Autumn 2001. There are two buildings adapted from Frank Lloyd Wright designs in Hawaii. Since Mr. Wright did not actually design these buildings for their Hawaiian sites, they cannot be properly considered to be "canonical" Frank Lloyd Wright buildings. In addition, the designs underwent changes in order to satisfy the clients, use, and location. However, especially for Hawaiians interested in seeing something of Frank Lloyd Wright's work, these buildings in Hawaii are as close as you can get without travelling thousands of miles in either direction to see Wright's work in California or Japan.

Waikapu Resort Golf and Spa, Maiu, Hawaii.
Adapted by Taliesin Architects from Wright's otherwise unbuilt design for the home of actress Marilyn Monroe and playwright Arthur Miller. One web site says that the course is closed pending new ownership, so please check and make sure it is open and accessible before seeking it out!

  • Clubhouses: The New Generation
  • Course information
  • Travelocity - Central Maui. Scroll down the page to find the information.

    Hemicycle House, Big Island of Hawaii, 1992
    This building was designed for a site in Pennsylvania in the 1950s, but was built in 1992 in Hawaii under the supervision of the Taliesin Architects, who are best qualified to interpret Wright's plans in posthumous construction. This house, like the Peterson Cottage in Wisconsin, is made available for guest accomodations. The house is built on the hemicycle plan (about one-third of a circle arc) and is an energy-efficient passive solar structure.

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