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This page contains information, listings for Web sites, images, etc. for all of the approximately 77 total extant Illinois FLW buildings and sites, along with many demolished or never-built buildings. These designs by Mr. Wright span the dawn of his professional career as an architect to the last few years of his life. They range in scale from a small fountain in a park to a mile high skyscraper. Links were last updated during Fall 2002.

The American architect Frank Lloyd Wright started his professional career in Illinois, working as an apprentice for Lyman Silsbee, and then for Louis Sullivan before starting his own practice in Oak Park. In the Chicago area, Frank Lloyd Wright first implemented his bold new ideas, such as the Prairie Houses (of which Illinois has many fine examples, including the Robie and Dana-Thomas houses, both open to the public). In Oak Park, built his home and studio and then many houses for others in the town.
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Individual building listings:

H. J. Ullman House Oak Park. Illinois
The "Architectural History On-Line" (a site no longer available) listed this as a Frank Lloyd Wright house, but no other resources verify this. It is probably an unbuilt design.

Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio(S.002, S.003, S.004) Oak Park, Illinois, 1889
This shingle-style building is where Frank Lloyd Wright first made a name for himself as an architect. It was a laboratory for many of his ideas. It has recently been restored, and is one of Illinois' FLlW showpieces. This building is open to the public for tours. Please see the "Frank Lloyd Wright Tourist" for more information.

Charnley House (S.009), Chicago, Illinois, 1892
One of the significant residential designs of Mr. Wright's early career, This home was designed by Mr. Wright while he was working in the Alder and Sullivan firm. It is currently owned by the Society of Architectural Historians.