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Summary: Listings and information about Frank Lloyd Wright's Kansas buildings.
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There are 2 Frank Lloyd Wright buildings in Kansas, and both of them have Web resources which are indexed here, and both of them are open to the public (see "The Frank Lloyd Wright Tourist"). The image shown at left is of the Allen-Lambe House House, from the Frank Lloyd Wright's Allen-Lambe Museum Site.

This web page is part of the All-Wright Site - Frank Lloyd Wright Building Guide, which contains geographically organized listings of Wright's works in many states.

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Henry J. Allen House (S.205), Wichita, Kansas, 1915
This is one of the few Prairie houses west of the Mississippi. For a similar home, check the Mayer May House, 1908.

Corbin Education Center (S.418), Wichita, Kansas, 1957

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Featured book for Kansas:
PrairyErth (A Deep Map): An Epic History of the Tallgrass Prairie County. The American prairie was important to Frank Lloyd Wright. The long-awaited return of Heat-Moon, whose bestselling Blue Highways (1983) ranged far and wide on the byways of America, offers a memorable view of the American heartland--in the form of a splendid survey/view of a single Kansas county [Chase County], the location of the last remaining expanse of tall-grass prairie." - Kirkus Reviews

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