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There are two houses in Maryland designed by Frank Lloyd Wright: the Joseph Euchtman house in Baltimore, and the R.L.Wright house in Bethesda. There also exists material for an unbuilt project proposed for Sugarloaf Mountain in Maryland.(The links on this page were last updated July 1999. Please send e-mail if you find dead links or wish to suggest additions).

Joseph Euchtman House (S.270), Baltimore, Maryland, 1939.
This Usonian house is located on a wedge-shaped lot.

Robert Llewellyn Wright House (S.358), Bethesda, Maryland, 1953.
This home is a concrete-block hemicyle. Robert Llewellyn Wright was one of Frank Lloyd Wright's sons.

Gordon Strong Automobile Objective (unbuilt), proposed for Sugarloaf Mountain, Maryland, designed in 1924-1925

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