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Summary: Listings and information about Frank Lloyd Wright's Missouri architecture.
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There are 5 total known Frank Lloyd Wright buildings in Missouri, all of which are indexed in this page. One is open to the public. The image shown to the left here is of the Frank Bott Residence, from Paul J. Michell's Kansas City Architecture Page

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This web page is part of the All-Wright Site - Frank Lloyd Wright Building Guide, which contains geographically organized listings of Wright's works in many states.

Books of Interest (Available from Amazon.com):

  • William Adair Bernoudy, Architect : Bringing the Legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright to St. Louis by Osmund Overby, Sam Fentress (Photographer). This book is about a Missouri architect who was greatly influenced by Wright.
  • A Frank Lloyd Wright Companion - William Allin Storrer; Hardcover. The "Companion" is a hardcover with information on every one of Frank Lloyd Wright's constructed buildings, including photographs, exact locations, and floor plans. This includes of course all of his Missouri buildings.

    Individual building listings:

    T.A. Pappas House (S.392), St. Louis, Missouri, 1955

    Russell W.M. Kraus House (S.340), Kirkwood, Missouri (near St. Louis), 1955

    Frank Bott Residence (S.404), Kansas City, Missouri, 1956

    Clarence Sondern Residence, Kansas City, Missouri, 1940

    (#280), Kansas City Community Christian Church, Kansas City, Missouri, 1940
    Open to the public as a church.

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