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Summary: Listings and information about Frank Lloyd Wright's twelve Ohio buildings.
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Burton Westcott House, 1340 E. High Street, Springfield, Ohio, 1904.
This is a large square two-story Prairie house probably designed in the same year as
Unity Temple of Oak Park and the Darwin Martin House of Buffalo, New York.

J. Mosher House, Wellington, Ohio.

Charles E. Weltzheimer House, Oberlin, Ohio, 1948.
This residence is an L-plan Usonian house, and contains exterior ornamentation not found on other Usonian homes. It is now open to the public as part of the Allen Memorial Art Museum of Oberlin College. Please see the museum's site below for a lot more information.

Karl Staley House, North Madison, Ohio, 1950.
This long "I-plan" house is made of stone, and has a mostly glass facade facing Lake Erie.

Nathan Rubin House, Canton, Ohio, 1951.
This house was originally designed for a group of Usonian homes in Okemos, Michigan. One of the houses of that project, Goetsch-Winkler, was built in Okemos, and it is a different design from this house. It is built of brick and horizontal wood siding, and has wings that are on 120 degree angles from the house.

Dobkins Residence 5120 Plain Center Ave., NE, Canton, Ohio, 1953.
From "Ohio Online" (December, 1996):"Dr. Dobkins said he and his wife don't allow visitors inside the home, but people can roam around and take pictures to their hearts' content."
Remember, this is still a private home, and the owners might have changed or changed their mind since December of 1996.

Louis Penfeld House, Willoughby Hills, Ohio, 1953.
According to "Ohio Online" (December 1996), this concrete block-and-wood house was being restored, and could open as a bed-and-breakfast after restoration. Construction is also planned for a second house designed by Mr. Wright for the site to the southeast.

Cedric G. Boulter House, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1954.
This residence is a two-story house of concrete block and wood.

Gerald Tonkens House, Amberley Village, Ohio, 1954.
Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer (FLLW Foundation archivist) called this, the only "Usonian Automatic" in Ohio, "of great significance in the annals of architectural history"

Ellis Feiman House, Canton, Ohio, 1954

Kenneth Meyers Medical Clinic Dayton, Ohio, 1956

William Boswell House, Indian Hill, Ohio, 1957.
This house is built on an L plan into the side of a hill. The central area is the living room, one of the wings is long and narrow and contains 6 bedrooms, and the other wing has utility-related rooms and a playroom. As of the end of 1996, this, the last Usonian built in Ohio, was occupied by the original client.

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