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There are 4 buildings by Frank Lloyd Wright in Texas (the Dallas Theatre Center, and the Gillin, Thaxton, and Sterling Kinney houses), and one (the theatre) is represented on the Web. Information on all of the buildings is available on this page. If you can donate or provide links to images of any of these buildings, especially the houses, please send e-mail.

John A. Gillin House, Dallas, Texas, 1950
A large single-story house.

William A. Thaxton House, Bunker Hill, Texas, 1954
This concrete-walled house is built in triangles on a 60-degree L-plan

Dallas Theatre Center (Kalita Humphreys Theatre) (#395), Dallas, Texas, 1955.
This building was completed after Mr. Wright's death. It is open to the public as a theatre. More information can be found at "The Frank Lloyd Wright Tourist Guide". With its smooth-surfaced concrete exterior with some curves, it has a little resemblance to the Guggenheim Museum in New York City.

Sterling Kinney House, Amarillo, Texas, 1957
This house is mainly constructed of red brick. It is built to a T-plan.

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