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[image There are currently 3 known Frank Lloyd Wright buildings in Virginia, of which 1 has Web resources. All three are indexed in this page, and all three are private residences at the eastern edge of the state.

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Individual building listings:

Pope-Leighey House (#268), Mt. Vernon, Virginia, 1939
This house one of three Wright buildings (all houses) in the Metro Washington DC area. It is probably the most nomadic of Wright's residences, having been moved first from another location in Virginia to avoid being demolished by highway construction, and then moved to a different setting on its current site in order to have a better foundation.
This Usonian house is owned by the National Trust for Historic Preservation (see their web page below), and it is open to the public. The house resides now on a corner of the grounds of Woodlawn Plantation near Mt. Vernon south of Washington DC.

Luis Marden House (#357), McLean, Virginia, 1952
This home is a hemicycle design built into the side of a hill overlooking a narrow rocky-bottomed gorge of the Potomac River, near the CIA headquarters and across the street from Fort Marcy Park. It is one of three Wright buildings (all houses) in the Metro Washington DC area.

Andrew B. Cooke House (#360), Virginia Beach, Virginia, 1953
Until recently, there was a web page about this house. This house has a copper roof, and is based on a design that used concentric circles.

Other Non-Wright Buildings of Interest in Virginia:

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