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Featured book:
"Prairie Style: Houses and Gardens by Frank Lloyd Wright and the Prairie School"
by Dixie Legler and Christian Korab.
Features sections on 24 homes by Frank Lloyd Wright and other Prairie school architects. Contains nice large photographs of many homes rarely seen in publications. Click here to go order this book from

Previous featured book:
"Frank Lloyd Wright's Living Space"
by Gail Satler.
Frank Lloyd Wright said "The space within a building is the reality of the building". This book examines how Wright explored the architectural dimension of the space we live in, drawing from his writings and his buildings.
"Unique in the field of Wright studies and architecture"
- Robert McCarter, author of Frank Lloyd Wright
Click here to go order this book from

This page contains listings of books by and about Frank Lloyd Wright, an an index of other book lists and sites, a list of books for sale on the World Wide Web, and a list of CD-ROMs. It is not intended at this time to be a complete list, but it does offer a sampling of Frank Lloyd Wright as published in non-Internet media. Most of the books in the Book Listings are part of the webmaster's "All-Wright Site Library", so you can ask questions about them. Many of them can also be ordered from by clicking on the title to go to the Amazon order page for that book.

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Book Listings

A Frank Lloyd Wright Companion - William Allin Storrer; Hardcover. The "Companion" is a hardcover with information on every one of Frank Lloyd Wright's constructed buildings, including photographs, exact locations, and floor plans. Click on the book title to obtain it from This is the definitive Wright reference book. "Indispensible: you need to take one of Mr. Storrer's guides with you when you travel"

Frank Lloyd Wright Field Guides by Thomas Heinz:

  • Frank Lloyd Wright Field Guide: Upper Great Lakes; Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan (Volume 1)
  • Frank Lloyd Wright Field Guide: Metro Chicago (Volume 2)
  • Frank Lloyd Wright Field Guide: West "This unique series of Field Guides provides details of all of his buildings plus sites of unexecuted projects, demolished buildings and other locations associated with Wright so that they may be enjoyed first hand. Comprehensive maps showing every site, along with directions, accessibility and suggested local and regional tours, make this series an invaluable reference to anyone keen to learn the truth behind the many myths and stories that surround Wright and his buildings."

    Frank Lloyd Wright's Public Buildings ("Wright at a Glance" Series)

    The Early Work of Frank Lloyd Wright by Frank L. Wright. Click on the title to order the book from
    This reprint of Mr. Wright's German book contains many large photos (B/W) of buildings and designs from his early period. A bargain for the price, as Dover books usually are: well-constructed and much lower priced than similar sized paperbacks from other publishers.

    Frank Lloyd Wright and the Prairie School by. H. Allen Brooks / Paperback / Published 1984. Available from if you click on the book title.
    This book illustrates the early Prairie period, with not only Mr. Wright's work, but also the work of his contemporaries, immitators, and followers.

    Domino's Mansion : Thomas Monaghan, Gunnar Birkerts and the Spirit of Frank Lloyd Wright by Gordon P. Bugbee / Hardcover / Published 1989. Click on the title to order from

    Frank Lloyd Wright Versus America : The 1930s Donald Leslie Johnson / Paperback / Published 1994. Click on the title to order from
    "An in-depth look at this period, exploring such topics as Broadacre City, Wright's visits to the Soviet Union, and designs not often discussed elsewhere."

    Frank Lloyd Wright Iain Thomson, et al / Hardcover / Published 1998. Click on the title to order from
    "This book lists and describes, at least briefly, almost all of the extant Wright buildings."

    Lost Wright : Frank Lloyd Wright's Vanished Masterpieces Carla Lind / Hardcover / Published 1996. Click on the title to order from
    "This gorgeous volume details the Wright buildings that have been demolished, some of which were among his very best work."

    Frank Lloyd Wright : Force of Nature (American Art) by Eric Peter Nash / Hardcover / Published 1996. Available from if you click on the book title.
    This is a large "coffee-table" style book at a bargain price, with many large color photos.

    Frank Lloyd Wright in Michigan by A. Dale Northup (Reference Publications, Inc, 1991). "The first comprehensive examination of the houses designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in Michigan."

    Usonia : Frank Lloyd Wright's Design for America by Alvin Rosenbaum / Hardcover / Published 1993. Click on the title to order this book from
    "Parallel stories of three men who helped shape the era between 1920 and 1950-Wright, Henry Ford, and Franklin D. Roosevelt-interwoven with details of historic events that demonstrate how Wright's ideas have influenced modern America"

    Frank Lloyd Wright Remembered by Patrick J. Meehan (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1991. Click on the title to order this book from
    "Multifaceted portrait of the architect, captured in reminisces from architects Philip Johnson and Walter Gropius, sculptor Egon Weiner, Wright apprentices, and family members."

    Truth Against the World : Frank Lloyd Wright Speaks for an Organic Architecture Frank Lloyd Wright, Patrick J. Meehan (Editor) / Paperback / Published 1992. Click on the title to order from
    "Thirty-two of his most important speeches offer his thoughts on Beaux- Arts architecture, the Columbian World Exposition of 1893, prefabricated housing, hospital design, and the use of the machine in design. Well- illustrated"

    Frank Lloyd Wright's Usonian Houses : The Case for Organic Architecture John Sergeant / Paperback / Published 1984. Click on the title to order from
    Describes the Usonian houses in the context of FLW's other designs, his "Broadacre City" project, and FLW's political views. This book also gets down to specific construction detail and house plans for many of the Usonian houses.
    . "Contains detail I have not found in other books. The socio/economic/political sections are fascinating. Extensive footnotes"


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