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Lists of Wright links on this page:

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  • buttons Comprehensive Sites
    Many of the sites in this category are the best of the Wright sites, offering a variety of information and pages.

    1. Frank Lloyd Wright Source Page by Ted Giesler. Considered to be the starting point by many, this was the first major Frank Lloyd Wright site on the net. Contains a wide variety of links to Wright-related sites, with comments. This site also contains The Frank Lloyd Wright Tourist, a "guide to Frank Lloyd Wright sites that may be toured or visited".
    2. Frank Lloyd Wright Architectural Home Page []
    3. Exploring the Works of Frank Lloyd Wright [sidesways]
    4. Frank Lloyd Wright articles at "". If you have problems with this link, go to and search for
      frank lloyd wright
    5. Frank Lloyd Wright - The Man, The Works, The Legend
    6. Steve's Sheet - Frank Lloyd Wright. An extensive set of organized links.
    7. "Wright on the Web", a fantastic site detailing Wright's work and life through the different periods.
    8. Frank Lloyd Wright [PBS]. Associated with the Ken Burns biographical miniseries which first aired on PBS in 1998.
    9. Digital Archive of American Architecture (FA 267), contains many color photograph images of Wright buildings. This site is part of a much larger architecture resource.
    10. OCAIW - Frank Lloyd Wright. Multi-page organized list of links to photos.
    11. All-Wright Site (Frank Lloyd Wright Guide) [SoHo/1469]. The site you are looking at now has been added to this list to make it as complete as possible.
    12. Frank Lloyd Wright [Athens/Oracle/1050]. No longer being maintained.
    13. Unofficial Frank Lloyd Wright Web Site. Under construction, apparently no longer being maintained.

    buttons Official Sites
    This category includes properly authorized sites for entities which were actually started by Frank Lloyd Wright (or spun off from Wright-started entities). Also included are official sites for the homes that Wright actually lived in.
    1. Under Construction

    This category is for sites devoted to the preservation of Wright buildings. Sites included here cover more than one building. Please visit the
    Building Guide to look up the many sites devoted to preserving specific buildings, organized geographically with the other building links.
    1. Taliesin Preservation, devoted to preserving Wright's Wisconsin estate.
    2. Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy
    3. National Trust for Historic Preservation. The National Trust currently has a couple of Wright buildings in its holdings.

    buttons Buildings
    Click here to go to the Building Guide section of this site. It contains pages for each state containing links (where available) for each Wright building. Additional regional links are contained as well in the state pages. There are hundreds of remote links available from this section of the site.
    buttons Lists of Links
    Most of the
    Comprehensive Sites also have lists of links to other Wright sites. Also included in this category are lists of Wright links from some major web indexes.
    1. Steve's Sheet - Frank Lloyd Wright. An extensive set of organized links.
    2. Google's Frank Lloyd Wright search results
    3. Art on the Web: Frank Lloyd Wright Links
    4. LookSmart search results
    5. Yahoo! Frank Lloyd Wright index
    6. Yahoo Search Engine - Frank Lloyd Wright. Yahoo's Inktomi search engine results. Contains thousands of unorganized links. Not to be confused with Yahoo's concise and organized index feature.
    7. Catherton Artists
    8. DMOZ Open Directory - Frank Lloyd Wright section
    9. Frank Lloyd Wright on the Web []
    10. Graycliff - Frank Lloyd Wright Links
    11. "Gary's Frank Lloyd Wright Page". Contains some links.
    12. "Frank Lloyd Wright Links" [Broadway/5182]. Contains several links, and a photo.
    13. "Frank Lloyd Wright [BourbonStreet/Delta/6107]. Contains a couple of photos and some links.
    14. "Architecture Links" [SoHo/6114]. Contains a few Wright links.
    15. "This is Frank Lloyd Wright [SoHo/Studios/1857]. Contains a few links
    16. "Taliesin Online" []. The architect's life and work, chronologically.

    buttons Education
    This category includes sites specifically intended as resources for educators, such as teacher and professor and class pages, and sites intended for children. Pages that resulted from student projects are found in the
    next section.
    1. Classroom Resources [PBS]
    2. Book: Frank Lloyd Wright for Kids : His Life and Ideas
    3. Study World - Frank Lloyd Wright
    4. Arch4822C/6262C - Frank Lloyd Wright [Georgia Tech]
    5. Lecture at Auburn
    6. Lynne's Frank Lloyd Wright Page
    7. Design an Arizona House
    8. Civ 18 [acusd/edu]
    9. Architecture: Frank Lloyd Wright, a "Frank Lloyd Wright Resource Page" by Mary Jane Cobain.
    10. Dr. Anthony M. Alofsin []
    11. Humberto Rodriguez-Camilloni PhD []
    12. Digital Archive of American Architecture (FA 267), contains many color photograph images of Wright buildings. This site is part of a much larger architecture resource. See also FA461

    buttons Student Work
    Sites listed in this category are usually the result of student projects.
    1. Usonia: Frank Lloyd Wright's Vision for America. A student project that contains 3d graphics images and a movie of Frank Lloyd Wright's Broadacre City designs.
    2. Artist Hero: Frank Lloyd Wright
    3. Frank Lloyd Wright: Architect of the American Family
    4. Frank Lloyd Wright []
    5. HUX 550 - Art - Frank Lloyd Wright
    6. Frank Lloyd Wright: Innovator in American Architecture, a student paper.
    7. Fallingwater / Wright Works. This Fallingwater site includes general-interest Wright material as well

    buttons Encyclopedia Links
    This category includes links to encyclopedia sites and similar authorities.
    1. Columbia Encyclopedia
    2. Book: A Frank Lloyd Wright Companion, with pages on every Wright building known at the time of publication. Includes floor plans and photographs.
    3. Book: Frank Lloyd Wright: A Visual Encyclopedia
    4. InfoPlease
    5. Encyclopaedia Brittanica Wright entry
    6. "Artcyclopedia"
    7. Funk and Wagnall's Wright entry and link list
    8. Ask Jeeves! - Frank Lloyd Wright

    buttons Multi-Building Sites
    This category includes sites that feature and focus on several Wright buildings, usually scattered all over the country. Please see the
    Regional category for sites that focus on a few buildings in a specific region. Also see the Building Guide section of this page for complete building listings.
    1. Frank Lloyd Wright: Designs for an American Landscape, 1922-1932. A Library of Congress site featuring several of Wright's drawings, along with descriptions.
    2. Some of Frank Lloyd Wright's Buildings [dustins]
    3. Frank Lloyd Wright Gallery [cupola]
    4. Joel and Rosemary's Frank Lloyd Wright Weekend by Joel Brown and Rosemary Krol. Photos and commentary from Joel and Rosemary's travels to several Wright buildings around the country.
    5. Sketching by Frederick Clifford Gibson, includes original sketches of 5 FLLW buildings.
    6. Frank Lloyd Wright Picture Page. Contains many nice, large photos not usually seen on the Web.

    buttons Regional
    Sites in this category present several Wright buildings in a specific region of the country. More regional and state specific links are in the specific state pages in the
    Building Guide
    1. Kansas City Architecture, a site by Paul Michell featuring FLlW buildings in the Kansas City area, along with other notable architecture
    2. Frank Lloyd Wright in the Desert Southwest []

    buttons Performance
    This category includes sites related to Frank Lloyd Wright on televison, music, opera, stage, film, video, etc.
    1. Mr. Lyman Shepard as Frank Lloyd Wright: A Dramatic Impression
    2. "Shining Brow", site devoted to a 1993 opera composed by Daron Aric Hagen
    3. "So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright", song by Simon and Garfunkel. Chords and lyrics.
    4. "Frank Lloyd Wright e il Cinema" in Italian
    5. The Fountainhead (Film 1949). This film was based on Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead novel, which some believe was based on Wright's life. At one time, Wright was going to do the architectural design for the film, but this never came to pass.
    6. FLLW movie page at IMDB

    buttons Computer Graphics
    1. Usonia: Frank Lloyd Wright's Vision for America. A student project that contains 3d graphics images and a movie of Frank Lloyd Wright's Broadacre City designs.
    2. Great Buildings Online, contains some downloadable 3d renderings of buildings in its Wright section.

    buttons Other
    This category includes sites not broken out by the other categories on this page.
    1. Frank Lloyd Wright: Great American Architect
    2. Frank Lloyd Wright - The Sixth Decade
    3. Frank Lloyd Wright []
    4. Public Buildings Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright
    5. Frank Lloyd Wright Site [ooley]
    6. VSCCAT Wright Bibliography. Very extensive.
    7. Frank Lloyd Wright [Lucid Cafe]. Biography largely derived from the All-Wright Site.
    8. "Frank Lloyd Wright No Rio De Jeneiro 1931", a Brazillian web site in Portuguese
    9. Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy
    10. Frank Lloyd Wright [MSU]. Mostly text from the All-Wright Site. See also this page
    11. Art of Frank Lloyd Wright by Brian Yoder.
    12. (images, text, quotes, and more)
    13. Architekten Site in Germany
    14. Christian Science Monitor - "The Difficult Genius of Frank Lloyd Wright"
    15. "The Thought of an Architect" [PicketFence/2904]
    16. "Frank Lloyd Wright" [Athens/Aegean/9106].
      Italian Sites:
    17. "Frank Lloyd Wright e il Cinema"
    18. Frank Lloyd Wright, Fiesole 1910. Italian site with several articles.
    19. Frank Lloyd Wright - Le opere

    buttons News
    Sites in this category contain of Wright-related news.
    1. FLlW Update []
    2. Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy

    buttons Wright-related Organizations
    1. Wrightian. "The Wrightian Association is a California nonprofit mutual benefit corporation, established in 1978 with the intent of joining together to create a community of organic homes in the Los Angeles area, and to educate the public and our members through tours, newsletters, and video documentaries about Frank Lloyd Wright's brand of design, organic architecture."
    2. FLW American Architecture [Yahoo Clubs]
    3. Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy

    buttons Commercial Links (FLLW For Sale)
    These links are provided for your information, and in no way imply an endorsement of the products or the companies that offer them, in accordance with Geocities/Yahoo policy concerning free web pages. Businesses do not pay fees (or any other sort of payment) to be listed here. In addition to links to commercial sites, links to books on subjects in this section (such as glass) are also provided.

    Wright Stores
    Entries in this category are for sites that feature or link to a variety of Wright items for sale. Included are links to auction sites.

    1. - Frank Lloyd Wright search. This will give you lists of books, videos, and auction items.
    2. Western Pennsylvania Conservancy [Fallingwater] Gift Shop
    3. Yahoo Shopping - Frank Lloyd Wright
    4. Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio Catalog [Wrightplus]
    5. eBay - "Frank Lloyd Wright" Search. At any given time, there can be hundreds of Frank Lloyd Wright items for auction on eBay.
    6. Gallery 323 at Rubin's. Lighting, sculpture, windows, prints.
    Real Estate
    This category lists Wright properties for sale, and also properties that claim a Wright connection or influence. Warning: Some of these pages may be advertising homes that have long been sold.
    1. Hawaii, Big Island Luxury Real Estate For Sale. "Waimea" is the second entry.
    2. Wright-inspired home for sale in East Lansing
    3. Wright on the Market lists actual FLLW houses for sale
    1. CC Editions
    This category includes links to sites that offer lodging in Frank Lloyd Wright buildings, or lodging in buildings that claim Frank Lloyd Wright inspiration or connection on their pages.
    1. Usonian Inn, Spring Green, Wisconsin.
    2. Boomerang Lodge in Aspen, Colorado. Designed by a student of Wright.
    3. Prairie Garden Bed and Breakfast. From the page: Enjoy Larry and Pat Langhorst's warm hospitality in their 1880's home which was remodeled in the "prairie style" of Frank Lloyd Wright. Oak floors, beamed ceilings and beveled and leaded glass abound."
    1. Oakbrook-Esser Studios Inc. Frank Lloyd Wright leaded glass and lighting.
    2. Comfort Store, Frank Lloyd Wright lighting.
    3. Graham H. Gregory Design Ltd., designers and artisans in lighting.
    4. The Lighting Store, featuring lighting fixtures from the Frank Lloyd Wright collection and more.
    5. Gallery 323, featuring lights by Mr. Wright.
    1. Shining Brow, specializing in used and rare FLLW books.
    2. All-Wright FLLW Books and CD-ROMs Page, contains links pertaining to books and CD-ROMS for sale.
    This category also includes windows and doors.
    1. Book: Frank Lloyd Wright's Glass Designs
    2. Book: Stained Glass Window Designs of Frank Lloyd Wright
    3. Book: Frank Lloyd Wright: Glass Art
    4. Cassbeth Stained Glass - Frank Lloyd Wright
    5. Talaria
    6. Book: Prairie Designs for Stained Glass Windows
    7. Arthur Stern Architectural Glass
    8. Susan Jacobs Lockhart [Wilkie Studio]
    9. FGL Studios Creative Entryways
    10. Oakbrook-Esser Studios Inc. Frank Lloyd Wright leaded glass and lighting.
    Furniture and Cabinets
    1. Alchemy Woodworks, featuring Prairie/Craftsman style furnishing, and a lot of Frank Lloyd Wright building photos.
    2. Prairie Spirit, "a small furniture shop creating Prairie, Mission, and Mackintosh style pieces at fair prices"
    3. Mack and Rodel Cabinetmakers
    4. Prairie Woodworking, Wright-inspired radiator enclosures, located in Oak Park
    5. Techline, "business furniture designed by architects". This extensive site has much FLLW information and images. Techline was founded by Marshall Erdman, who worked with Mr. Wright.
    Software and Computer Accessories
    1. "The Wright Collection", "LIGHTWAVE 3D / VIDEO - PLUG-IN & OBJECTS FOR LIGHTWAVE"
    2. Eaglefeather Home Page. Features a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired computer font, authorized by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, and found in an increasing number of FLLW-related publications. The logo at the top of this Links page uses the font.
    Clothing and Needlecraft
    1. Heartland House. "Licensed by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation to design and market needlework (cross stitch and needlepoint) adaptations of Mr. Wright's work."
    2. Book: Quilts in the Tradition of Frank Lloyd Wright
    3. Frank Lloyd Wright Neckties [Tie Guys]
    4. Frank Lloyd Wright by Boxelder Neckwear [The Tie]
    Wright-Inspired Businesses This category includes businesses that have been inspired by Wright and/or use Wright-related names in their business and sites
    1. Broadacre Management Company, a Chicago real-estate development company. "Broadacre derives its name from an "ideal" American city envisioned and designed by Frank Lloyd Wright".
    2. Inniskillin Wines
    3. Prairie Law
    4. Fallingwater-inspired gas station.

    Architect Firms
    This category includes sites for practicing architects (or groups of architects) who are connected to Wright or claim inspiration.

    1. Taliesin Associates
    2. Richard A Keding, Architect. Mr Keding was one of the last architects accepted into the fellowship by Mr. Wright himself, and was in residence at Taliesin from 1958-1960 and 1964-1970.
    3. Taliesin Fellows of Northern California "We create organic possibilities; reality follows!"
    4. Alternative Architecture: Joseph Henry Wythe
    5. Frederick Clark Griffin, Architect and Associates
    6. Click Hickman Design and Construction
    7. Donald Reed Chandler, Architect
    8. Paulo Soleri
    9. Robert Green, AIA


    1. Prairie House Building Blocks [quincyshop]
    2. Historical Arts

    buttons Message Boards and Discussion
    1. Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy Message Board. This is the place on the Internet for posting and reading Wright-related messages.

    buttons Associated Architects and Family
    This category includes resources for architects that Wright worked under, architects that worked with Wright, and architects that worked for or studied under Wright. Also included are links for Prairie-school architects (whether or not they actually worked with Wright), organic architects, and Wright's relatives.
      Early Associates and Prairie School Architects
    1. "Lieber-Meister" Louis Sullivan Page here at the All-Wright Site. Contains many Sullivan links.
    2. Walter Burley Griffin [pbs]
    3. Marion Mahoney Griffin []
      Family Members:
    4. Book: Lloyd Wright : The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright Jr.
    5. Olgivanna Wright
    6. Book: Church No Spectator Sport: by grandson Eric Lloyd Wright.
    7. Elizabeth Enright, children's book author, neice of Wright.
      Taliesin Architects, Students, and Associates
    8. Alden Dow
    9. John Lautner, Architect
    10. John Rattenbury - Dream Builder

    buttons Other Architecture-Related Links (general interest and miscellaneous)
    1. Great Buildings Online
    2. The Cupola Collection
    3. Digital Imaging Project: Art Historical images of European and North American Architecture by Mary Ann Sullivan, Bluffton College. This site contains many excellent JPG/JPEG images of buildings designed by many great architects, including Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Sullivan.
    4. 19th and 20th Century Architecture and Design: The Aesthetic Movement

    buttons Other Wrights, Other sites This category has nothing to do with Frank Lloyd Wright. Included here are a few links to others with the last name of Wright.
    1. Steven Wright, comedian [Random Joke site]
    2. Wilbur and Orville Wright

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