Frank Lloyd Wright's Moe House

The photograph and text have been provided by Christopher A. Meyers, (historic) preservationist. He can be reached at You can click on the thumbnail image below to view a larger image of the building.

669 Van Buren (Gary, Indiana) is dated as being constructed between 1909 and 1910. This design was sold to Ingwald Moe and built by his contracting company, General Construction. Moe selected a Wright design for his private residence to illustrate an alternative from prevailing architectural styles as well as to reflect his social status as a successful contractor in both Chicago and Gary.

With the construction of 669 Van Buren, Moe initiated what would become a decade long professional association with Wright. Seven years later, Moe would become the Gary representative and contractor for the American System-Built scheme of housing.

669 Van Buren is a two-story stucco residence possessing a hipped roof, broad overhanging eaves, inset banding, double hung art glass windows, a front veranda (now enclosed), and a matching garage. On the interior, the elaborate use of natural materials, art glass wall sconces, built-in bookshelves with art glass doors, a Roman brick fireplace, and subtle cruciform layout illustrate Wright's mastery and hand.

Taliesin West has recently assigned an opus number of 0531 to the Moe residence.

The Wynant House is located a few blocks away.
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