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Summary: Information and web links concerning Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin estate near Spring Green, Wisconsin.
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This page created July 1998, and last updated November 1998.

Please see the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Guide - Wisconsin Page for listings concerning Mr. Wright's other Wisconsin buildings. Taliesin is one of the buildings in Wisconsin with enough information to have its own page).

Taliesin is located south of Spring Green, Wisconsin in the valley where Frank Lloyd Wright spent the most influential part of his boyhood on his relatives' farms. Mr. Wright built Taliesin when he returned from his stay in Europe, as a retreat for himself and his mistress Mamah Borthwick Cheney. It was burned down once (an arson fire in an incident where Ms. Chaney and several others were murdered), and again later (probably due to electrical problems or lightning). After Mr. Wright died in 1959, Mrs. Olgivanna Wright continued living here until her death in 1985. The house is now open to the public in special tours. The Taliesin house is part of an entire Frank Lloyd Wright area that includes the Romeo and Juliet Windmill, Hillside Home School, Tanyderi, and the Midway Barns.

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